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What type of items do we consign?

For more current pieces we focus on brands typically found on premium sites such as Net a Porter; Ganni, Isabel Marant, YSL, Raey etc. We also accept good super brands like Chanel or Hermes, as well as high end vintage clothing.

 What is the consignment split?

Typically 50/50, however this is negotiable on items over £500. Payments are made via bank transfer once the items have sold. 

How long do we keep items?

The consignment period usually (but not exclusively) lasts for 90 days. 

What if you don't live in Brighton but wish to consign? 

Not a problem! We have lots of people who ship to us. We can give you further instructions once contact is made. 


Reach us via...

Whatsapp: +447979500026 

Instagram: _rebound_store_


Telephone: 01273 738666