• Construction Of The Chanel Jacket:

    Coco Chanel constructed her designs in able to provide clothes that simplified choice, offered women comfort and understated elegance which liberated the female body. Chanel described the idea behind the iconic jacket and how it "enables women to move with ease, to not feel like they’re in a cost... View Post
  • Chanel Jackets: Buttons, Trim & Lining, Chain

    BUTTONS: All buttons were made to be functional as well as decorative, often designed to look like jewellery. They will either show a CC-logo, the brandname, or another Chanel signature like a Camélia flower or a lion's head, which originated from her star sign; Leo. Today Chanel works with butto... View Post
  • Chanel Jackets: Pockets & Labels

    POCKETS: Chanel's suits always included real pockets. Most jackets have four pockets, two breast pockets and two lower at the waist. These pockets were created for Mademoiselle’s own practical needs – one pocket to hold her lipstick, one for her scissors, one for her cigarettes etc.  Pocket deta... View Post