Vintage Mexican

When you think of vintage fashion worn by movie stars and royalty in the 1960s and 70s labels such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci are conjured up. Many stars of the day however, including Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and the Princess of Monaco loved Mexican fashion design, in particular the work of Josefa and Tacchi Castillo. Both designers were inspired by the artistic movements of the era and promotion of Mexican Nationalism and resulting in the creation of wearable works of art. Tacchi Castillo was also responsible for created the famous “Mexican wedding dress”. Both were joined in their heyday by fellow Mexican designers Irene Pulos, Delfis and Girasol who created similar fashion pieces. Whilst Josefa bargains are hard to find you can still buy a reasonable priced piece of vintage Mexican art fashion if you look hard enough, however with the recent Frida Kahlo exhibition (she wore many of these designs) I wonder for how long!